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Established in 1987 in Shenzhen, China Merchants Bank ("CMB") is China's first joint-stock commercial bank。

Since its inception, CMB has grown with China's economic and social progress from a small regional bank with a capital of 100 million yuan, one branch and over 30 employees into a nationwide joint-stock commercial bank that has a total net capital of 360 billion yuan, a total asset of 4.7 trillion yuan, over 1,200 branches and over 70,000 employees, ranking among the world's top 100 banks.

China Merchants Bank London Branch opened for business in January 2016。 China Merchants Bank is the first among all Chinese joint-stock banks to open a branch in the UK。 Benefitting from London's unique position as an international financial hub, CMB London, as a branch of China Merchants Bank, will reinforce its efforts to support Chinese enterprises to go global。 With wholesale corporate banking as its focus, CMB London Branch provides a range of diversified financial products and services, including but not limited to syndicated loans, trade finance, clearing and settlement, structured financing and cash management, allowing it to play a more important role in promoting bilateral trade, services and investment。

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